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Candidate for Wisconsin's 20th Senate District 

Timothy Ramthun has always understood that government is meant to serve the people.


He's the former representative that created a direct line of communication with the people, so he could focus more on serving their needs.


He used comprehensive videos, emails, and multiple social media platforms to report his progress and efforts to the people consistently each week.  


 His reports were publicly available for all to see, offering the people transparency to truly observe his integrity. 


Over time, people could access past reports to determine if they got a return for their tax dollars. 


Join us in raising the bar and hold public officials accountable for how well they serve you. Create a higher standard.


  Get it done with Ramthun.     

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Hit the street!

Word of mouth is the best way to let people to know about Tim, by knocking on their door!  The link below will take you to our approved printable campaign literature that you can distribute to your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. We provided a printable map of the new district as well. We will let you know where we are hitting the streets on social media, and you are welcome to walk along with Tim as he goes door to door in your neighborhood!       

Actively Share Content!

Another great way to help us is to actively follow our social media channels. Be sure to watch our videos, like or comment on our posts, and share all our content with everyone you know as often as possible. Sharing content helps us gain more followers so our message reaches more people and likes and comments help beat the algorithms, so more people see us in their newsfeeds. Staying active will multiply the number of followers and allow us to build awareness quickly.   


Get signs and gear!

Attend events!

Promotion of who we are and what we stand for helps tremendously when making a difference! Get yourself some signs for your yard or visit our friends at Harbor Town Crafts to get some customized specialty items, hats, t-shirts and more that you can wear or take with you everywhere you go! Getting the message out and looking great while you do it is a fun way to join the effort!


Stay informed as we practice transparency and integrity by keeping you actively up to date on all our activities and actions! Choose your favorite social media platform and have a direct line of communication with us! You can watch and share videos, photos, events, and follow along with us as we fight raise the bar of integrity. Get a return on your investment.    

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