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Timothy Ramthun

Real experience.

A Reliable servant.

Results you can count on.

Tim is a strong Christian conservative who understands that all things that are good come from God. He is a servant of the Lord, and the people. He understands that his role as your next senator is a servant role, and his duty is to protect your God-given rights as stated in the constitution. He is truly the candidate of, by, and for the people.

He has two terms of experience as the 59th Assembly Rep and spent 45 years working for fortune 100 and 500 companies in crisis management situations. He assesses situations, creates action plans, and utilizes resources effectively to ensure the highest return on investment. He’s also a seated school board member 12 years running.

Pro Life Bill Signing 062019-26.JPG

Election Integrity

He’s well known for his efforts as the tip of the spear in the fight for election integrity in the nation. Some label him with names for standing up, but as time passes and more information comes out, his efforts are vindicated. Tim just wants to restore the clearly broken elections process in Wisconsin. If you want election integrity in Wisconsin, voting for Tim is how you get it.


Tim stands for education, not indoctrination. As a seated school board member for 12 years, he turned around the Kewaskum School District, and he understands what is infiltrating our youth. If you are looking for a senator who has the experience and the sense of urgency to know what it takes to protect our children’s future, a vote for Ramthun will get you results.

Medical Freedom

Tim also stands for medical freedom, upholding the constitution, and ending tyranny. When Evers shut down the state, he had 60 days to do so rightfully. Tim was already drafting resolutions anticipating Evers would abuse his authority. It took Tim 5 attempts to overturn Evers unconstitutional actions and get to the supreme court and end the shutdown. Tim doesn’t give up until the job is done, and your vote for him will make sure the job gets done.


Less Taxes

Tim has spent many years in private sector auditing finances and making sure allocation of funds is justified and not excessive. He investigates where the money goes with a magnifying glass and a fine-toothed comb. It’s why he’s received an award for conservative excellence. Less taxes for the people, more money stays in your pocket.


Tim knows that the farmers are the salt of the Earth. He supports local businesses and understands that small businesses and farmers are the backbone of Wisconsin. He will always stand up for the small businesses, and never interfere with their rights to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. No farms, no food. 


Tim is a dedicated man of faith that believes life is precious, and children should always be given a chance to live their lives. Children should not suffer the sins of their parents. 

Law Enforcement

Tim’s intervention saved the New Holstein police department from being defunded, and he will always uphold respect for Wisconsin’s Heroes. He will not stand for letting criminals destroy our cities and communities.


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

These are the people who are willing to put their names and their careers on the line to stand up and endorse Tim to be your next 20th District Senator. Learn a little about who they are, and if you want to join us in the fight for the people, let us know, and we will proudly add your name to the list of people that will stand up for truth and transparency!

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