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How to join the effort!

Campaign Signs, Gear & Materials

Now that we are on the ballot, it's time we get the word out about Tim and what we are trying to do together for the people of Wisconsin! This page will give you the tools you need to help us make sure we get the message out the right way! 

BL Signage Final.png

Yard Signs

Click the button below to order your Ramthun for senate yard signs from B & L Graphics, the local printers right here in our backyard! 


Prefer to call? 262-677-2780! 

B and L logo.jpg

Shirts and Gear!

Our friends at Harbor Town Crafts have some great patriotic gear for you to wear and take pride in joining us by getting the word out in style! Click the link below to go directly to their site and order your shirt easily. Be sure to browse around and see what else they have to offer!

Harbor town craft logo.jpg
Ram Shirt.jpg
Senate District 20.JPG

WI's 20th Senate District

The maps for districts in our state have recently changed, so make sure you are getting signatures from within the new boundaries! Click the PDF button to gain access to a printable map you can use on your travels! Click the Site MAP button to see the interactional map that can zoom in and out and enter addresses to see if they are within the district! 

20th District Municipalities

Tim Flier.jpg

Printable Fliers

If you are looking for something that you can hand to people at events or while you are hitting streets and knocking doors, the button below is the way to go! Our campaign approved flyers and signage are both great ways to give a fresh face a crash course about Tim! If you plan to leave a few for people to take somewhere, please be sure to have permission from someone at the location before doing so. It is important we show respect to others and practice integrity while we preach it!  

This document is required to have on file as it is the first record for you to use to hold Tim accountable! It's a good read that marks the beginning of our journey to set a new standard. The only way to practice transparency is to provide all information available! Having this will give a more in-depth explanation than our flyer to those who seek truth and transparency. The button below will enable you to start tracking our progress, so print one and start the record.           

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